Blog about Blogging

Blogs represent something very important in our society: freedom of speech and opinion. I have always been a supporter of the concept of blogging, but I have never been adept at the act of it. I’ve tried several times to create a tumblr and I always get bored and bail on the idea quickly. I still think it is good that I have the option of voicing my opinion on a medium where it is sure to reach at least some people, but I myself have little use for it.

Kathleen Parker states that the blogosphere is responsible for the spread of misinformation. While this is certainly true, you can say this about many different information mediums. While newspapers are generally accurate as those that run them have plenty of time to check sources before print at the beginning of each day, they still have correction departments for a reason. Television news is rampant with misinformation. Who remembers George Zimmerman? This man was vilified by our nation’s 24-hour news cycle but anyone interested beyond initial outrage would find that, while Zimmerman is certainly no saint, he was acting in self-defense. This did not stop CNN, FOX, and MSNBC from reporting that he was a vehement racist that shot and killed an innocent and defenseless black teenager in cold blood. This is simply untrue. Trayvon Martin choke-slammed George Zimmerman onto the sidewalk before Zimmerman shot him. That is self-defense, not virulent racism. The argument that we should all be wary of blogging because of it’s tendency to spread misinformation seems a lot less credible and a lot more like a desperate plea by the old media to lure us away from the new media and it’s to-the-second reporting. 

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The Screen

I was sitting on my back porch with the intention of writing. A deer strolls across a road as a car pulls up. The car stops. First flashing cellphones, then opening doors.
“Come here, deer.”
The deer was not interested in this young woman.
“Let’s go.”
Car doors closing.

Awe is a funny thing. So much time is spent on The Screen that when The Other Life calls there is a sense of obligation to document even the most mundane event. This sense is fleeting. The Other Life seems able to call attention, but unable to hold it. We are so enraptured with The Collective Thought that resides within The Screen that on the rare event that a deer exists near us we reach out for it. We watch it. We take pictures and hush our friends to avoid scaring away this memorial to The Other Life.

"Life’s not a bitch, life is a beautiful woman. You only call her a bitch cause she won’t let you get that pussy."

This again.

Here is my latest attempt at tumblr.