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The Screen

I was sitting on my back porch with the intention of writing. A deer strolls across a road as a car pulls up. The car stops. First flashing cellphones, then opening doors.
“Come here, deer.”
The deer was not interested in this young woman.
“Let’s go.”
Car doors closing.

Awe is a funny thing. So much time is spent on The Screen that when The Other Life calls there is a sense of obligation to document even the most mundane event. This sense is fleeting. The Other Life seems able to call attention, but unable to hold it. We are so enraptured with The Collective Thought that resides within The Screen that on the rare event that a deer exists near us we reach out for it. We watch it. We take pictures and hush our friends to avoid scaring away this memorial to The Other Life.

"Life’s not a bitch, life is a beautiful woman. You only call her a bitch cause she won’t let you get that pussy."

This again.

Here is my latest attempt at tumblr.